One of the World’s largest Manufacturers of Cocoa and Industrial chocolate and has become a trusted supplier and outsourcing partner to leading chocolate and chocolate product brands world wide. Listed as the sixth largest industrial cocoa producer & the second largest industrial chocolate producer for semi finished chocolate products. We bring to you their finest :

1. High quality Cocoa Powder
2. Compound Chocolates
3. Compound & Bake Stable Chocolate Drops

Cocoa Powder – Alkalized Cocoa powder S

Fat Content – 10-12%

PH % – 7.5+-0.2

Origin: Cocoa beans are selected and bought from the finest beans producers Ghana & Ivory Coast.

Application:  With its typical reddish brown colour, it can be applied to Puddings and dairy products, ice creams, syrups & food decorations (sauces), frozen products, spreadable products, confectionery, pastes, baked products and mixes, chocolate confectionery products as well.

Compound Chocolate Blocks or Chips

Compound Chocolate – contains vegetable oil instead of cocoa butter and tempering is not required. Home hobbyists and professionals alike have utilized compound chocolate due to its ease of use and lower price.

Application: Decorating, Biscuits, Cakes & Cookies, Ice cream coating

Types Available: Dark, Milk and White Compounds.

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