Outstanding results every time

At AB Mauri we have a passion for bakery!

The science behind baking is at the heart of our business where our expertise and capabilities cut across the whole range of bakery applications.

Our strength is based on our intimate knowledge of the bakery industry and bakery ingredients. We take a holistic approach to baking and strive to achieve excellence in formulation and product design.

Proven Perfection

Under AB Mauri we have been producing the highest quality baker’s yeast for over 100 years. The tradition continues with our leading Instant Dry Yeast brand, Mauripan which is renowned for its high quality and consistent activity levels.

Mauripan Red is specially developed for doughs having a sugar level of 0-10% and Mauripan Gold for doughs having a sugar level of 10% or more.

Mauripan Red

Mauripan Red is specially developed for doughs having a sugar level of 0-10%. Ideal for Sandwich Breads, Baguettes, Bread Rolls, Croissants, Continental Style Breads, Foccacia, Steam Bun, Middle Eastern Flat Breads, Multi-Grain, Rye and Par-Baked Breads.

Suitable also for Danish Pastries and Yeast Raised Doughnuts.

Mauripan 2-in-1 Soft Red

Mauripan 2-in-1 Soft Red is specially developed for all low sugar loafs, buns and rolls. Experience the 2-in-1 benefits!
• Only ONE ingredient to scale, add and store instead of separate yeast and bread improver.
• Consistent quality due to the balanced and tolerant formulation.
• Improved final bread volume due to increased fermentation power & oven spring.
• Improved and prolonged crumb softness.
• Perfect crispy crust in french bread.
• Extra fine crumb structure.
• Improved dough stability and tolerance during fermentation.
• Easy dough handling.
• Eliminates effects of flour variations.
• Same dosage as normal instant dry yeast.
• No need to dissolve.

Activa+ Soft

activa+ Soft Offers:
Reduction on bread costs:
Our Activa Soft enable you to save on ingredient costs by reducing the need for use of fat by 25 to 50% while extending bread softness and resilience.

Meeting health bread trend

Our solution for reduced fat, will support you to meet the growing demand for healthier products

Industrial Bread Improver solutions
Based on customer requirements, we can develop tailored-made systems that may include a wide range of bread functionality like crumb structure, shelf life or fat reduction.

Retail customers nowadays expect a wide and innovative bread assortment delivered at constant quality, in time, and for a competitive price. Thanks to its in-depth knowledge of large bakeries, and by taking advantage of its global experience and resources, AB Mauri can offer its support by offering specific solutions for various challenges in the production process.

activa+ Soft reinforces dough and its tolerance during the different manufacturing stages. This simplifies production by enabling bakers to produce quality products, consistently. The fermentation process is stabilised and dough will have an increased gas retention capacity.

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